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Client Survey System

Client Survey System is an open source online survey application coded in Php and My SQL. It helps users to create questions for survey as a question group and this question group having the survey questions can be added to any kiosk, this kiosk can be published and the responses can be analyzed using graphical report. It provides an basic statistical analysis of survey results


Features and Benefits of Survey

  • It is web based software for conducting survey and it can processed and gathered data online
  • Survey is ideal for company who needs to collect valuable information from customers, visitors or employees efficiently
  • It is very easy to add questions and assign it to kiosk or pc and feedback can be gathered in graphical manner
  • The question can be set to a group and this group can be reused at any time
  • Unlimited Number of surveys can be done at the same time
  • User friendly administration interface
  • Enhanced import and export functions to PDF, JPG and DOC for the reports
  • Multi-lingual surveys


Features of Image Uploading

  • Easy to upload image
  • Can Upload any number of images of any size
  • Robust connection handling
  • Inbuilt slide show
  • Thumbnail Viewer
  • No Database for images
  • Loads very fast and reliable

October 23, 2015



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