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Task Management Software

A software to track down the progress of different projects.easily manage and track all tasks, projects and jobs

Admin User

    1. Manage profile
    2. Create normal users (Create, block , delete)
    3. Create Tasks
    4. Create Sub Tasks
    5. Assign sub Tasks to other users (can also set time to finish the task)
    6. Can record the time actually taken to finish the task.
    7. View the progress of each sub task and the main task with detailed charts
    8. Admin can comment on each sub task. (Description about something or tips)

Normal User

    1. Manage profile
    2. View tasks assigned to them
    3. Report assigned task progress
    4. Comment on the task

Language Used: Asp.Net 2008 Databases: Sql Server 2008 Report Tool: Crystal Report


October 23, 2015