Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Management software is designed and coded in very simple way, this design is been made to support the touch screen device. This can be used by anyone with or without computer literacy. The screen is highly designed User Interface with touch screen facility. This is in Arabic and English Receipt
The technology we are using ,web services and sql server 2008 R2.The user management module and authorization module make this software more secure and reliable. Daily back up for the software is been made to the server so at end the data can restored any point of time. The log is maintained in the server so any form of cheating can easily identified.



  • DishMaster
  • Stock Master
  • Waiter Master
  • Table Master


  • Invoice Cancellation
  • KOT Design
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipt Design


  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Return
  • Invoice User Screen(Touch Screen)

User Management

  • User Permission Settings
  • User Authorisation
  • User Menu Level
  • User Log

Order Taking

    • The order taking can be done with the PDA modules that if integrated. This is the most important aspect of the dining. The KOT will gone to the Kitchen .The table can be assigned through the well made user interface and the Order will be gone to the kitchen
    • Table Reservation
    • Delivery and Take Away


    • Now there are English and Arabic version of this Software. The Receipt print is also in arabic.This make this software different from other ones in the market.


  • The cashier billing is very fast can be done for each table and customer wise. The Table transfer ,reservation and assigning the waiters for each table.All these make this billing so flexible.

Inventory Module

The restaurant will get idea about the stock that needed and remaining to make the required food. This is well maintained will purchase ,Payments and Stock Count

Financial Management

The Financial Module can be integrated its optional


At the end of the day the Management can check the daily sales report. And Comparison Report. Fast moving item ,Slow Moving item also many other useful reports can be taken .

  • Daily Collection Report(Local and Receipt Printer)
  • Waiter Vice Collection Report
  • Monthly Collection Report
  • Report For all Type of User Defined

Software Requirements

Operating System

  • Server 2003
  • Client OS: windows xp or above

Softwares Required

  • Sql Server 2008 R2
  • Crystal Report
  • .Net Framework 2.0 or above

Development Platform

  • Visual Studio.Net 2008
  • Sql Server 2008 R2