• What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?
  • Where to use RPA?
  • Benefits of RPA
  • RPA and AI
  • Difference between RPA and Traditional Automation Tools

What is RPA ?


When a machine mimics human action is called Robotic


A sequence of steps to perform a task is called Process


Any Task when done without human intervention is called Automation

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Benefits of RPA


RPA and AI

Robotic process Automation

  • Software performs RULE based tasks currently performed by humans
  • Works in the user interfaces Just like human.
  • No need of new IT systems or interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Software modules that can make highly complex independent decisions
  • Uses unstructured data (e.g.: languages) or data rich environments(e.g.: databases)
  • May or may not part of existing solutions

Difference between Traditional Automation and RPA

Traditional Automation

  • Always involves the invention of new technology / software
  • Requires Programming Skills
  • Good Understanding of the target system
  • Required significant IT participation

Robotics Process Automation

  • Does not involve any invention of new software /technology
  • No Programming skills required.
  • No deep understanding of target system is required.
  • No significant IT participation required.